Center SPLITSCREEN Troubleshooting

Road Glide Center SPLITSCREEN Troubleshooting Analysis for solving an installation issue

You are likely on this page because your Center SPLITSCREEN is either loose or missing!
……Or your Center SPLITSCREEN will not install “snugly” within your Air Duct Assembly

Customer Support experiences over the years have identified the issues. Our unique installation method has worked reliably since 2017 so long as the 3 critical requirements are met. The first 2 critical requirements (Mini-Binder Clamp & Stabilizer Pad) rely on the installer interpreting the installation instructions correctly (often an issue when a 3rd party installs who has not watched the installation VIDEO); the 3rd critical requirement relies on the cross-sectional shape of the upper vent where our Center SPLITSCREEN installs remaining to factory specification. This upper vent is called the Air Duct Assembly (ADA). In recent years we’ve discovered that this “clamshell” 2-piece duct assembly begins to separate, impacting the critical interior shape requirement. See below for details.

The 3 Critical Center SPLITSCREEN Installation Requirements:

  • Mini-Binder Spring Clamp properly installed: secures bottom of screen and keeps it clear of vent closure flap
  • Stabilizer Pad properly installed: secures top of screen so long as the ADA is still per factory specification*
  • *The Road Glide’s 2-PIECE Air Duct Assembly (ADA) is intact and has not become compromised (separated). As of 2024 shipments, we are now including a set of 4 Pan-Head screws to secure your ADA from separating: HOW TO KNOW

Solution Options: Is your neoprene rubber Stabilizer Pad still in position within the Air Duct Assembly?

Order replacement parts here. See below for more detailed discussions on this matter.

Q&A’s below address what we’ve learned from Customer Support experiences:

QUESTION: “How could my Center SPLITSCREEN fall out and/or become missing?”

ANSWER#1: Improperly attached. Experience indicated this unusual scenario only occurred when one (or both) of the two attachment items (Spring Clip and Stabilizer Pad) had become compromised or missing. The Mini Binder-Spring Clip attachment may have been installed incorrectly or compromised by another party (often without your knowledge), usually while the ADA and fairing were removed during servicing. Common Scenario: A Harley-Davidson® technician unfamiliar with this after-market accessory (and not understanding the clip’s purpose) may have inadvertently disturbed and/or removed the spring clip. Assuming the Stabilizer Pad had initially been installed, it’s adhesion might have been compromised causing it to fail under pressure. See below for detailed explanations for each possibility.

ANSWER#2: Compromised ADA. The 2-piece Air Duct Assembly (ADA) itself may have come apart. The Center SPLITSCREEN installs inside the ADA using a mild pressure-fit plus two attachment points. The ADA is a 2-piece assembly held together by 6 pairs of adhesive Velcro pads. The adhesive has been known to fail under lengthy hot conditions (our Road Glide CVO exhibited ADA separation). See below for detailed explanations and a solution for this scenario.

So long as the upper & lower halves of the ADA have not come apart, the Center SPLITSCREEN cannot physically fall out when the installation instructions are faithfully followed. Note that this installation method has been used reliably since June 2017. See below for detailed explanations for each possibility.

Note: when scheduling a service involving the windshield, ADA or fairing, it’s wise to alert service personnel that this after-market accessory has been installed. Always verify smooth operation of your center vent closure flap after any servicing involving removal of the center vent Air Duct Assembly (ADA).

See below for detailed explanations of the two attachment issues:

  • the Spring Clip had not initially been installed. Customers sometimes enlist others to perform the installation and for various reasons the installation instructions may not have been communicated or followed correctly. Because the Spring Clip keeps the Center SPLITSCREEN clear of the center vent closure flap, a missing Spring Clip should be easily noticed as the closure flap would bind against the screen, becoming inoperative.
  • the Clip was installed improperly. It may have been installed into the drain slot without securing the Center SPLITSCREEN itself (the clip must be fully opened to “catch” the screen). Or it may have vibrated loose and fell off. This is possible if the clip’s rear (vertical) wire-handle was removed or cut. The correct positioning of the clip’s vertical wire-handle is such that; as the ADA is reinstalled onto the fairing, the (vertical) wire-handle “bottoms-out” between the cooling fins of the Infotainment Radio making it impossible for the clip to vibrate loose.
  • the Clip was later inadvertently removed, or its integrity compromised by servicing personnel unfamiliar with the installation. As the closure flap will bind if the Spring Clip is missing or compromised, always immediately verify smooth operation of your center vent closure flap after any servicing involving removal of the center vent Air Duct Assembly (ADA).
  • Cross-Section of ADA showing Center Vent Closure Flap. Mini-Binder Spring Clip attaches at Drain Slot with wire handles positioned as shown.
  • the Stabilizer Pad was not initially installed. This could be problematic at high interstate speeds as air pressure and/or road debris impacts push the curved top of the screen backward. Some customers enlist others to perform the installation and for various reasons the installation instructions may not have been provided or followed correctly.
  • the Stabilizer Pad was installed incorrectly, loosened and came off, usually because of compromised adhesion. This situation can be caused by the inner surface area of the vent where the Stabilizer Pad is to be installed not being adequately cleaned or may have originated with difficulties removing the pad’s protective film causing damage to the Pad’s adhesive strength.

(if your) Road Glide Air Duct Assembly (ADA) is Compromised

Click HERE for a discussion of this issue as well as an easy SOLUTION. If an inspection of the male-female alignment points reveals they are not fully seated, it’s an indication the Velcro pad adhesive attachment is the problem. If the adhesive weakens (even slightly), the integrity of the 2-piece assembly is compromised and the Center SPLITSCREEN is no longer secure.

How to tell if your Air Duct Assembly is fully seated…… or separated. There are 7 of these ADA male-female alignment connectors. When fully seated, the tip of the male connector “+” should be perfectly even with the female “O” connector/opening as shown in the photo to the right. The alignment connector is fully seated when you can feel the tip of the male “+” connector when placing a finger over the open end of the female “O” connector.

Center SPLITSCREEN Replacement Parts

We stand behind what we are able to control, i.e., delivering a high-quality product free of defects to our DIY customers. After years of feedback from both satisfied customers as well as the (very) few who’ve experienced issues, we are absolutely confident that faithfully followed video/written instruction-sets result in successful and reliable installations. That installation failures are rarely an issue is confirmed by the high praise for our video instructions as per many Customer REVIEWS advising how easy the installation was! That being said, because no one has immunity from “Murphy’s Law”, replacements and/or repairs are occasionally required.

Center SPLITSCREEN Replacement Parts

If contacting Customer Support after becoming aware of a missing Center SPLITSCREEN, please be prepared discuss the following questions:

  • have the upper and lower sections of your ADA (Air Duct Assembly) separated or come apart at all? (not an uncommon occurrence)
  • had your center vent closure flap been operating correctly without binding?
  • had the Mini Binder-Spring Clip been installed at the drain slot with the “vertical” wire-handle in place? Is it missing?
  • had the Stabilizer Pad been installed within the center vent? If so, is it currently firmly in place, or is it missing? (if compromised or missing, you’ll need to order a complete Center SPLITSCREEN with Stabilizer Pad template from the STORE page)

We want happy customers; if we are at fault for an issue, we’ll take responsibility and “make it right”. Otherwise, choose a purchase option above. 

A message from the President of Elegant Solutions Inc. dba Motorcycle Vent Screens: My very first “Touring Bike” was a Batwing FLHTK Ultra Limited and I loved riding it. However the Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® became my favorite touring motorcycle the first time I rode one! The “Shark Nose” frame-mounted fairing offers both high speed stability cutting through the air at touring speeds as well as low speed maneuverability with the handlebars “free” of the weight of the fairing. My BSR (back seat rider) wife is extraordinarily comfortable riding with me and considers this bike to be a “limo on 2 wheels”!