Installation Instructions for the Low Rider ST (FXLRST) Fairing

Thanks for your purchase! In a perfect world where money was no object, you’d have your Harley-Davidson® Tech be responsible for the Low Rider ST Vent Screens installation. In the real world however, many of us elect to perform the installation ourselves. Thus Elegant Solutions Inc. dba Motorcycle Vent Screens is obliged to disclaim responsibility for any damage or injuries incurred as a result of your purchase and/or installation efforts.

Low Rider ST Vent Screens protect Rider
FXLRST Ven Screens in Gloss BLACK are easy to clean and blend nicely with the dark vent openings

Installation Instructions for the Low Rider ST SPLITSCREENS

  • Remove six windshield screws. They are torx 25
  • Remove six outer fairing screws. They are torx 27
  • Slide outer fairing forward, unplug headlight
  • Using a protective towel, place outer fairing on work bench for screen installation. Clean areas where 3M adhesive tape will be installed
  • FXLRST Center Vent Screen: shipped with 1/2-inch 3M double-sided adhesive tape pre-positioned correctly on the screens’ front surface (no need to remove)
  • FXLRST Side Vent Screens: shipped with 1/4 inch 3M double-sided adhesive tape strips randomly attached for shipping. Buyer to reposition 3M tape from side screens to inner surface of fairing vent openings (see photo below) to ensure tape is not visible when outer fairing is re-installed
  • With the 3M tape (protective adhesive-film still in place) facing forward, “practice place” FXLRST Center Vent Screen in desired position (vertical honeycomb alignment)
  • Note: it’s helpful to carefully and gently apply a slight “pre curve” to the beefy Low Rider ST Center SPLITSCREEN to match the curved fairing vent opening (see photo below; a 5-gallon bucket or similar will do)
  • Remove 3M protective film and carefully place the screens in position maintaining a vertical honeycomb alignment. The sole purpose of 3M tape is to keep screens in position while reinstalling fairing
  • Reconnect headlamp
  • Re-install outer fairing which “sandwiches” your Low Rider ST SPLITSCREENS in position
Low Rider ST Vent Screens installation instructions
1/4 inch 3M tape strips temporarily attached to side screens for shipping. Customer to transfer tape strips to inner side vent openings
Pre-curve the FXLRST Center Screen to match the center vent opening
Gently add enough curve to match the center vent opening (5-gallon bucket pictured)
  • CONTRATULATIONS on a job well done……enjoy your Low Rider ST SPLITSCREENS protection!

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