Motorcycle Vent Screens – SPLITSCREENS for the ROAD GLIDE and Batwing Touring Bikes

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Motorcycle Vent Screens - SPLITSCREENS for the ROAD GLIDE and Batwing Touring Bikes

Triple SPLITSCREENS  <<click for details>>  Batwing SPLITSCREEN

Motorcycle Vent Screens – SPLITSCREENS for the ROAD GLIDE and Batwing Touring Bikes
Motorcycle Vent Screens is the premiere manufacturer of high quality SPLITSCREENS for the 2014 and newer HARLEY-DAVIDSON Touring motorcycles equipped with ventilated fairings. Our thick 14 gauge powder-coated aluminum honeycomb screens protect the motorcyclist from stinging insects and impacts of road debris passing through the unprotected factory vents. The ~77% open area of our motorcycle vent screens allows for a comfortable “wind in your face” ride without the “bugs in your teeth” experience.

Road Glide Triple SPLITSCREENS Installation Concepts

The Center SPLITSCREEN is secured using a provided spring clamp and a special Stabilizer Pad installation template. This part of the installation is quite simple requiring only windshield and Air Duct Assembly (ADA) removal. The instructions for this unique and proprietary installation method are presented via a video tutorial following your purchase. The Side SPLITSCREENS are initially secured by the headlamp bezels, then “sandwiched” between the outer fairing and the front edge of each of the side vent ducts. Of course, the fairing needs to be removed to accomplish this; a task easier than you might think following instructions in the included video tutorial.

The installation time for our Triple SPLITSCREENS varies mostly from 20 minutes (Harley® Tech) to 2 hours (most of us) depending on the installers skills and experience. Once installed, these classy screens look like they ought to have shipped that way from the factory (no glue is involved)! The Gloss Silver SPLITSCREENS have a BOLD “soft chrome” appearance while the Gloss Black SPLITSCREENS are barely noticeable. Order your set today!

A message from the President of Elegant Solutions Inc. dba Motorcycle Vent Screens: My very first “Touring Bike” was an FLHTK Batwing Limited, however the Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® became my favorite touring motorcycle the first time I rode one! The “Shark Nose” frame mounted fairing offers both high speed stability cutting through the air at touring speeds as well as low speed maneuverability with the handlebars “free” of the weight of the fairing. My BSR (back seat rider) wife is extraordinarily comfortable riding with me and considers this bike to be a “limo on 2 wheels”!

Elegant Solutions Inc. is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson®. The terms: Harley-Davidson®, Road Glide® and Harley® are trademarks of the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. The 3-screen complete solution described herein is termed “Triple SPLITSCREEN(S)”. “SPLITSCREEN(S)” and “Triple SPLITSCREEN(S)” are terms coined by Elegant Solutions Inc.