Cheap Insurance – Great Product!

I purchased the Triple SPLITSCREENS for my 2016 Road Glide Ultra last year prior to leaving for Sturgis. Was a little skeptical, but tired of riding with the vents closed due to “things” coming through. On the way home (to Illinois), somewhere in SD something black, about the size of a quarter was thrown up in front of me (asphalt, rock, tire..?). It was coming right at me, I ducked behind the windshield, it hit with a loud bang and I figured my fairing or headlight was damaged. At the next gas stop I checked and whatever it was had hit right at the entry to my center vent, leaving a small scratch. Looking inside the vent I found the screen to be bent back on one side, but nothing had made it through. I closed the vent for the duration, and upon arrival back home removed, straightened and re-installed the screen. Good to Go!

Thank you for a great product! It probably saved me from injury, as remember I had ducked down, so it probably would have come straight through into my head or worse.