Why I purchased the triple vent screen system.

I love my Road Glide. Have owned a 2012 model without vents and have recently bought the 2017 Milwaukee 8 model and it is fantastic. The changes to the fairing are awesome.. love the extra airflow…the vents not only direct lovely cooling air at the rider but every insect seems to find their way through the vents and aim squarely at my chest and face. Then I got stung on the cheek by a bee…

not sure how it managed to rotate 180 degrees and point its stinger at my face but it managed it. So I started to look for (a) solution and came across a couple of options. Primarily aimed at the side vents but nothing to protect you from all three. So I ordered from Elegant solutions. There was good communications as this was the first time they were being sold to a rider in Australia, with plenty of follow up to ensure they arrived safely.
I have to report that the product is of high quality and look like they will not only stop insects but any potential road chippings that may find a way through. The aluminum is of a higher grade so a little time forming the screens so they fit well is time well spent. All in all a very happy bug free rider that has no problem in recommending this product.