I am a convert from Street to Road Glide ….and bought to tour with. ….wear a half helmet ….and right away notice ….I would take a bug right on the forehead between my glasses and the helmet. ….(even though windshield) is high. Figured out what you RG’ers already know. Fricken top vent. Opened up side vents and …… bee right up the sleeve!! I thought surely someone has figured out a solution so started looking. The crap I found was not going …on my “immaculate” 2015 CVO! I found Dennis’ (MotorcycleVentScreens.com) and decided to give them a shot. ….I watched the video and ……installed this morning ….install was a piece of cake. …..But the real plus is the quality of the product after install. Not only does it match the quality of my ride, it enhances it. ……My son has 2019 RG ….pops is gifting him a set and he will very much appreciate it. Don’t waste your money on the crap out there ….buy this!!!! You will be happy you did. Well done Dennis.