These do the job.

I have a ’15 Road Glide that had another company’s lower vent screens installed. They worked but were flimsy and bent easily when washing the bike or working on it. And there was still nothing for the top vent.

There’s been a couple of times I’ve gotten smacked in the forehead by a large bug sucked up in the top vent and was looking for some sort of screen for that vent. When I found the Motorcycle Vent Screens package it was exactly what I was looking for. A more durable set of lower vent screens AND a screen for the upper vent.

The installation instructions are clear and accurate. If you’re the type that does maintenance and upgrades on your bike, like I do, you’ll have no problems installing the screen kit. Follow the instructions and watch the videos provided and the install will go smoothly.

This screen kit is reasonably priced for its better quality and the effort put in to making the installation easy and quick with good documentation.

Ted S