Top Screen Blew Out

I called and spoke with the owner who impressed me with their quality. We also spoke of the veteran discount, so I made the 3-screen purchase [Apr. 8, 2022] for my 2021 Road Glide. The install was a breeze, followed the instructions to the letter. On my way to Panama City bike week in May 2023 the top screen blew out and the VS insignia fell off… very disappointed. Talked to Dennis, trying to figure out what happened. [Submitted 7/31/23]

8/1/23 mVS response: Mark emailed and called me yesterday explaining that as he’d “followed the (installation) instructions to the letter” (a year ago), he anticipated a “no charge” replacement. I explained we’d need more information before blindly accepting responsibility and supplying another Center SPLITSCREEN which could fall out again if not installed per spec. We provided Mark a link to our support webpage [Center SPLITSCREEN Replacement Parts (] which instructs how to determine if his Air Duct Assembly is compromised. I requested Mark to inspect this item and forward a photo for evaluation.

9/9/23 STATUS: Mark responded: ……I checked my bike out and I do not see my vent spread apart in my opinion. No hard feelings, just didn’t work out.

9/13/23 STATUS: Issue resolved.

Mark P. Rowley