Triple SPLITSCREENS for the Road Glide

I just finished installing the Triple SPLITSCREENS on my 2019 Road Glide Ultra and they look awesome. I purchased the black style because I do not like extras showing on my bike. If you do not know they are there you would believe the bike is stock and that was what I wanted. I saw another Road Glide at the dealership that had the three Kuryakyn screens and they not only could be seen across the parking lot but they looked like a cheap add-on.
Installation was very simple. In fact it took longer to read the instructions and watch the videos than it took to install them.
Thank you Dennis for providing a great product. I give the Triple Screens a BIG Thumbs up with a Five (Plus) Star rating.
I would include a photo – but what’s the point – you don’t notice them.

Roy Painter