Well done solution.

After getting hit in the face with some kind of large, hard bug, I searched for some screens and found several. Problem was that there were several folks that sold screens for the left and right Road Glide ducts, but not for the center. That’s were the big bug came from, so that’s what I wanted. I found Elegant Solutions and ordered a the 3 piece set. Install went smooth and easy. Most time consuming part was removing the outer fairing. I did install the center screen a little differently. Install video says to do the first part of the install on the bike. I didn’t do it that way. I removed the duct assembly and did the whole job with the duct off. It was easier for me. I’d recommend doing it that way.
Order was delivered very quickly and I had no issues with it. Works great (first day out the center screen caught a yellow jacket wasp). I’m pleased and would buy from Elegant Solutions again.


David P Killeen