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GLOSS SILVER, a "soft chrome look" courtesy of the clear Powder-Coated Finish over polished aluminum (front side) which allows for the same easy maintenance as our GLOSS BLACK Screens. This stout THREE SCREEN package for the Road Glide ventilated fairing offers the most complete protection against road debris and large insects like bees & wasps ....the kind that sting.

Symbol of excellence: As the only motorcycle vent screen manufacturer with pride enough to "put our name on 'em", Triple SPLITSCREENS ship with our discreet mVS Badge affixed to the right-hand Side SPLITSCREEN. This identifies you chose the very best and helps spread the word. Optionally, you may choose "w/o mVS Badge" if you prefer a more clean unadorned look.

Video installation instructions provided for: Center SPLITSCREEN (involves simple windshield and Air Duct Assembly removal); Side SPLITSCREENS (involves outer fairing removal).

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Full Catalog: Road Glide & Batwing SPLITSCREEN offerings  |  Custom Catalog: for ordering Side or Center SPLITSCREENS

FITMENT: Triple SPLITSCREENS 2015 thru 2022 Road Glide® (all models); Batwing SPLITSCREEN 2014 thru 2022 FLH® (all models)

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