Triple SPLITSCREENS FAQ and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions: #1 Product; #2 Installation; #3 Shopping Cart/Shipping

#1 Product:

  1. Q: Will installing the Center SPLITSCREEN interfere with normal operation of the center vent flap? A: Not at all. Our proprietary design keeps the screen clear of the vent closure flap at all times and even protects the flap from collecting debris.
  2. Q: What holds the Center SPLITSCREEN securely in place? A: We’ll be pleased to explain following your purchase! We’ve developed a method of attaching both the top and bottom of our Center SPLITSCREEN so securely it stays in place even at triple digit highway speeds. As our attachment method took considerable time and effort to develop, it’s considered a proprietary design and revealed only to our customers. None of our customers have been disappointed!
  3. Q: What holds the Side SPLITSCREENS in place? A: They are secured (sandwiched) between the outer fairing and front edge of each side vent assembly. With the outer fairing removed and the headlamp bezels loosened, the inner edge of our Side SPLITSCREENS are secured by tightening the headlamp bezels. Reinstalling the outer fairing secures the outer edge of the Side SPLITSCREENS.
  4. Q: I noticed small spots on my screens where the powder-coating is “missing”! Please explain! A: Ironically, this is evidence the SPLITSCREENS were professionally powder-coated. Each screen is suspended for the spray coating application followed by oven baking. Those very small “bare spots” where the suspension hooks are placed are selected because they will be hidden from view when installed.
  5. Q: Why does the cardboard Stabilizer Pad/template appear to be “missing”? A: It shipped attached to your Center SPLITSCREEN and may not have been recognized. Based on customer feedback, this is likely a packaging misunderstanding as the Stabilizer Pad Template itself is used as part of the packaging of each Center SPLITSCREEN (which is never shipped loose inside the package). Without exception, each Center SPLITSCREEN is precisely positioned inside a protective shipping sleeve (see packaging Step#2) which is then secured to the Stabilizer Pad Template with a pair of wire paper clips. Most likely the person who unpacked the shipping envelope mistook the cardboard template as “disposable packaging” and discarded it. Alternately, they may have accidently detached the Stabilizer Pad from the cardboard template and, perhaps not recognizing its purpose, discarded it. Note that the Stabilizer Pad itself is designed to readily detach from the template as it is secured only by unclenched staples. Please see Replacement Parts for your solution.
  6. Q: I’ve previously purchased (or made my own) side screens. May I purchase the Center SPLITSCREEN separately? A: Yes; as of September 21, 2018 our sales volume had grown to where we began offering our Center and Side SPLITSCREENS separately. Be advised however that after experiencing the beefy quality of our SPLITSCREENS, many folks who’d previously purchased side screens from Klock-Werks® (half our thickness and not powder-coated) wind up purchasing a complete set of Triple SPLITSCREENS.
  7. Q: Are the Side SPLITSCREENS compatible with H-D Road Glide Headlamp Trim? A: Yes, H-D part numbers 61400411/61400412 install over and do not interfere with our Side SPLITSCREENS.
  8. Q: Will your SPLITSCREENS scratch my bike’s finish? A: No, your bike’s finish is protected by our neoprene rubber trim in the center vent. This is the only place the screens come in contact with a Road Glide® finish panel. All other contact areas are interior non-finish panels.
  9. Q: I bought a new Road Glide®. Can I transfer my SPLITSCREENS to my new bike? A: Yes, however the Stabilizer Pad is not transferable. We’ve had a previous customer request another Stabilizer Pad for his new bike as he was unable to recover the original pad due to its strong adhesive qualities. Existing customers may request another Stabilizer Pad complete with template for only $12 (shipped within USA). Consider though, that the windshield and fairing must be removed/replaced to recover the Side SPLITSCREENS. Depending on your motivation, it might be easier to simply upgrade your new ride with a set of new Triple SPLITSCREENS!
  10. Q: Why do your vent screens cost more than others I see advertised on eBay? A: Price is proportional to quality! While everyone loves a bargain, savvy buyers realize they receive precisely what they pay for. The reality is that our Triple SPLITSCREENS are the real bargain because of made in USA superior quality and the complete protection of a 3 screen package! Vendors are keenly aware the focus of most eBay buyers is LOWEST PRICE, so we’re seeing a proliferation of cheap “shipped directly from China” products offerings with 30+ day deliveries. As an eBay buyer cannot touch or feel the quality of a product online, “low price” is the buyers’ only certainty. Triple SPLITSCREENS buyers concerned about quality can rely on our numerous in-depth customer REVIEWS as well as our satisfaction guarantee. Note that all of the “legitimate” eBay vendors offer 2-side screens only (we don’t consider “shipped from China” vendors as “legitimate”). Our Triple SPLITSCREENS are twice the thickness of most others and they are professionally powder-coated (oven baked finish) for attractive appearance and easy cleaning. In the big picture, our Triple SPLITSCREENS don’t cost very much and are, per customer testimonials (see REVIEWS), the best value on the Road Glide® vent screens market. Order now with confidence……. you’ll be very pleased you did!
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#2 Installation:

  1. Q: My “green dot” sticker fell off, how do I know which is the front side of the screen? A: The perforated screen material is a bit smoother on the “stamped” front side. If not visually apparent (depending on the thickness of the powder coating), this can be “felt” by running your fingers over the screen surface. This is simply an “ease of cleaning” consideration.  
  2. Q: I’m having difficulty attaching the Mini-Binder Clip…. can you HELP? A: The high-quality powder-coater we use sometimes applies an extra thick coat which can make it a bit more challenging to install the clip. Using a smooth-jawed plier or C-clamp, squeeze the powder-coat thinner in the hidden area of the screen where the clip attaches, or using a file, carefully reduce the thickness of the powder coating where the clip attaches:
  3. Q: I’m having difficulty removing the protective film (binder) from the neoprene Stabilizer Pad…. can you HELP? A: X-acto knife shown. Cut/score only the white protective film, stretch and separate to expose the adhesive layer. Peel off white protective film.Stabilizer Pad


#3 Shopping Cart or Shipping:

  1. Q: Do you offer a Military Discount? A: Motorcycle Vent Screens is pleased to offer a 10% discount COUPON CODE to qualifying members of our armed services by following this link: MILITARY DISCOUNT
  2. Q: Do you offer seasonal discounts or other “sales promotions”? A: Only for showing appreciation to our military veterans per FAQ#1. Our philosophy is to offer Made in USA quality at a fair and affordable price point. The reality is that running sales promotions require a higher “normal price”. Because we won’t “pad the price” to allow for “discount promo’s”, our customers won’t experience the disappointment of missing out on a later promotional sale.
  3. Q: What if your 12″x9″ stiff cardboard shipping envelope won’t fit my mailbox? A: Prior to delivery, click on your USPS tracking number and open “Delivery Instructions” where you may request options like: “leave on front porch”, etc. For detailed information: USPS Delivery Instructions™ – The Basics
  4. Q: Does PayPal charge the Buyer a transaction fee? A: No, not while using our PayPal Business Account! No transaction fees are incurred by the Buyer; neither checking out using a PayPal membership nor when using PayPal’s Credit Card “Guest Checkout” (PayPal also functions as an independent “electronic payment processor” like Stripe, Square etc.);
  5. Q: Can I make my payment through PayPal if I don’t have a PayPal account? A: YES! PayPal is an electronic payment processor which allows customers to send their payment securely without divulging their bank information to the merchant. Making credit card payments using PayPal is free of charge for the buyer. The business receiving the money is responsible for payment of any PayPal transaction fees. You may use this service even if you don’t want to sign up for a PayPal account of your own. (see example below)
  6. Q: How can I take full advantage of your quantity pricing options when they don’t appear to allow for combining Gloss Black and Gloss Silver finishes? A: Sorry, it’s a software shortcoming. Assuming enough available inventory, order everything in Gloss Black and be sure to specify the product mix you want in the “comments” section. Alternately, simply contact us to discuss;
  7.  Q: I have another question…. can I speak to someone? A: Absolutely! We’re available via our CONTACT page, email, text or phone. See our contact information here:

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