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UPC: 619317064652
Units in product: Set of 4 screens
Price per unit: 145.90

Gloss Silver RG STPLITSCREENS PLUS (+Oil Cooler), a powder coated stout FOUR SCREEN package for the Road Glide ventilated fairing. This is our popular Triple SPLITSCREENS package PLUS our Oil Cooler SPLITSCREEN (check fitment). Triple SPLITSCREENS offer the most complete protection against road debris and large insects like bees & wasps ....the kind that sting. The Oil Cooler SPLITSCREEN protects the delicate fins of your oil cooler from rocks and other road debris damage! Also available in Satin ST Bronze and Gloss Silver.

Your choice to display our optional mVS Badge of excellence: For those preferring the simple unadorned look, RG SPLITSCREENS PLUS ships without our mVS Badge . As the only motorcycle vent screen manufacturer with pride enough to "put our name on 'em", RG SPLITSCREENS PLUS may optionally ship with our discreet mVS Badge affixed to the lower-right of our Oil Cooler SPLITSCREEN at no additional charge. Choosing this option identifies you chose the very best quality screens for your Road Glide.

Video installation instructions provided for: Center SPLITSCREEN (involves simple windshield and Air Duct Assembly removal); Side SPLITSCREENS (involves outer fairing removal).

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ROAD GLIDE: Triple SPLITSCREENS 2015 thru 2023 Road Glide®
(all models except new fairing 2023 CVO)
BATWING: Batwing SPLITSCREEN 2014 thru 2023 FLH®
(all models except new fairing 2023 CVO)
(all models)
Touring Oil Cooler SPLITSCREEN: Click for Fitment Information
Softail Oil Cooler SPLITSCREEN: 2018 thru 2024
NOTE: We are working on 2024 Touring Vent Screens (new design fairing)

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Motorcycle Vent Screens STORE - ROAD GLIDE Vent Screens STORE - Triple SPLITSCREENS STORE
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Thanks for shopping with Elegant Solutions Inc. dba Motorcycle Vent Screens where we offer the absolute Finest Premium Quality ROAD GLIDE Vent Screens available anywhere! The premium materials we use should make our Made in USA products cost more than our commercial competition, however that often appears not to be the case! Although we have yet to find any comparable commercially available complete 3-screen offering, we do have a seemingly comparable commercial competitor for two of our products: the Road Glide Side SPLITSCREENS and Batwing SPLITSCREEN. This well-known quality competitor offers a pair of side vent screens for the Road Glide and a single vent screen for the FLH Batwing motorcycles. Neither product is value-comparable at half our thickness, not powder-coated and each are at a higher price point! Our premium-quality SPLITSCREENS are truly worthy of a premium-quality Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycle! And per Customer Reviews, buyers agree our SPLITSCREENS are fairly priced!

Motorcycle Vent Screens STORE – ROAD GLIDE Vent Screens STORE – Triple SPLITSCREENS STORE

30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee: If upon receipt of our SPLITSCREEN(S), you can establish the product is defective or not as represented, you may return the unused product for a full refund (excluding shipping costs) after first providing Elegant Solutions Inc. dba Motorcycle Vent Screens the opportunity to assuage your concerns. Should we be unable to satisfy your reasonable expectations*, we will refund your purchase price (excluding shipping costs) upon return of the product in resaleable condition. We are quite reasonable and fair; please contact us for clarification of our policy details if concerned.
The term “reasonable expectations” does not include assertions like: “changed my mind” or “didn’t realize windshield and/or fairing removal was involved”. Otherwise, in fairness, a 15% handling fee will apply.

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